#ad - Readers can expect several steamy scenes that will leave you gasping. I’m riding with a knight in shining armor and a prince I wouldn’t mind rescuing, and I’m more than happy to do a little roleplay. People look to me when they want to feel safe. Skylar:they say love is a three-way street. I'm road-tripping across the country to sell a luxury RV, and I’ve got two copilots.

One’s as straight as an arrow, but they both want me riding shotgun. Roman and alex are as different as fire and ice, and between the two of them I’m feeling the heat. The road is bumpy, but they’ve got me buckled in. Alex:two’s company, three’s a ménage. When i’m asked to be skylar’s companion and protect him, it comes naturally—even when I end up handling two stunning men.

Three #ad - The military taught me discipline, and these two are in need of a strong, guiding hand. I’m looking both ways, and the road ahead is anything but straight. Roman:there’s no third wheel on this ride. A road trip with two total strangers? Sign me up. I know what i like on the road and between the sheets—they just need a nudge in the right direction.

After all, the best things in life are three.


Boyfriend 101 Fever Falls Book 6

Riley Hart #ad - If i can't get my act together, i'll flunk out of Boyfriend 101, and I can't imagine retaking the course with anyone but him. Now that he's one of my best friends, that desire has raged into an inferno I'm powerless to tame. Judei've always considered myself straight. But what i don't do is go for men who aren't out and proud.

The only real way to get to me is to hurt my brother, but now that Sawyer's happy, he doesn't need me anymore. I'm bisexual. Been there, done that. Cam has already graded on a curve by breaking some of his rules to be with me. I used to hate getting compliments about my looks, but when Cam does it. Camdeni'm a fun-loving guy who doesn't take life too seriously.

Boyfriend 101 Fever Falls Book 6 #ad - So when i decide to explore my newfound sexuality, we get caught, and apparently, and now it's not just Cam showing me what it's like to be with a guy--he's become my professor in what he calls Boyfriend 101, who better than Cam to show me all the pleasures of being with a man? Only, I'm a very good student.

But unfortunately, I have some issues to work out and a few exam scores start slipping. There's something about this beautiful man who insists he's not into men. Even with my rules about guys who aren't out, I've craved him since the moment he stepped foot in Fever Falls.


The Millionaire's Nanny Fairview Single Dads Book 3

#ad - Hunter says he’s serious, but I paint from the heart, and I’ve got to protect it. He might not be a painter, but he’s teaching me the strokes. Hunter:it isn’t my nanny’s art that’s catching my eye. My son is everything to me, so I need the right person to be his nanny. Readers can expect a spicy MM romance with several steamy scenes.

If i can show him that I believe in him, I might be able to win his heart. I may not be an artist, but I’ll show Oliver how good I am with my hands. This is the third book in the Fairview Single Dads series. My support isn’t charity, but he won’t see it that way. Oliver:my art is on point, but my boss’s eyes are on me.

The Millionaire's Nanny Fairview Single Dads Book 3 #ad - Nannying for a millionaire isn’t something I thought I’d add to my resume, but I’d be crazy to turn down Hunter’s offer. Oliver is almost too good to be true. The problem? i’m the ceo of my own company, and I don’t have time for love. But this artist is changing my perspective. It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger.

He inspires me, and I want to show him what I can offer. He’s charming, my son loves him—and I might have a tiny crush on him.



#ad - Readers can expect several steamy scenes that will leave you breathless. Alex:he likes to design it, and I like to wear it. Braden’s not the straight guy I thought he was. I’ll make sure they’re a snug fit, but if they’re too tight for Alex, I can always make some hands-on adjustments. The only thing standing between us is silk.

Note to readers: this is an extra spicy standalone MM romance, heat level 10 When sales start to rise, it means my time with Braden might be coming to an end. Braden knows exactly how to handle the contours of my body—especially the tight spots. But his brand needs a publicity boost, and he’s asking for my marketing expertise.

Lingerie #ad - He’s cut from a different cloth, and he fits me like a glove. We have one important thing in common: lingerie. He not only knows how to market lingerie—he knows how to wear it. I can’t be a consultant for Braden’s love life, especially not if I want to be woven into it. His designs are revealing, but I want to see every last inch.

Braden:in my line of work, business can be pleasure. Sales are down, but Alex’s gorgeous assets are keeping me up.


Dads with Benefits Fairview Single Dads Book 1

#ad - I’m falling for him, and I’m not sure how much longer I can pretend. Our kids are playing matchmakers, and this fake relationship is starting to feel real. This is the first book in the Fairview Single Dads series. He’s a good dad being harassed by his all-too-forward boss, so naturally I want to help.

I’m straight, so it doesn’t bother me that he needs a pretend boyfriend. But faking it turns out to be harder than I realized, especially when I get to know him better. This relationship was supposed to be just one dinner, but we’re getting closer than I expected. Straight men make the perfect fake boyfriends, but I’m not sure if we’re pretending.

Dads with Benefits Fairview Single Dads Book 1 #ad - James:it’s my first day in the single dad support group, and the single part is already at risk. I came to this group for advice on single parenting, but Ellis has more to offer. He’s completely charming, and irresistible to boot. I want to veer off the straight and narrow with Ellis, but his past is holding him back.

Maybe a fake relationship will make my boss back off. But when james offers to be my pretend boyfriend, I’m forced to start thinking about romance again. I’m up for a huge promotion, and I need help.


My Sister's Boyfriend

#ad - Everett:my sister’s boyfriend has a twin, and he has me seeing double. When i show up to dinner with my sister, and his twin brother Will, her boyfriend, I find myself wanting what I can’t have. He’s not the nerdy guy I remember. He’s a skilled engineer i can’t help but admire, and now I’m the one with a crush.

I’m taking a chance on Everett—he just needs to meet me halfway. I guess you could say my twin and I have similar tastes. Note to readers: this is an extra spicy standalone MM romance, heat level 10 Now will and i are sharing a twin bed, and my crush is getting bigger. My sister and i couldn’t be more different, but our boyfriends are identical.

My Sister's Boyfriend #ad - Will:my brother and I might look alike, but Everett has no trouble telling us apart. A lot has changed since high school, especially Everett. Will’s just as hot as he was back in high school, but we’re coworkers at a startup now—I have to keep it professional. The problem? he’s only gotten better with age, and he’s giving me his undivided attention.

. Readers can expect several steamy scenes that will leave you gasping. Our chemistry isn’t engineered, and when it boils over, it’s going to sizzle.



#ad - Readers can expect several steamy scenes that will leave you breathless. When austin walks in with a dirty problem only I can solve, I want to scrub every inch of him clean. Jesse loves himself and knows what he wants—my hands all over him. I don’t care if my coworkers turn their noses up at all the frilly self-care products he likes.

I’ve been straight all my life, but what Jesse’s offering is too good to pass up. Soon i’m looking at him in a not-so-straight way, and no cold shower will keep us from lathering ourselves up and rubbing each other down. Jesse:he wants to explore my feminine side, and I’m going to guide his hands.

Pink #ad - I need a man’s man in my life, and not just because they’re hot. He’s also as straight as can be—or so I think. When we end up getting dirty in the soap shop, I discover Austin isn’t the kind of guy who scoffs at the finer things. He’s a firecracker that just won’t burn out, and I’ve got to admit, he’s charming.

He’s over six feet of muscle and Southern charm. Now i need an official Straight Guy Consultant to teach me what men want to buy. Enter the hot foreman from across the street. And for a straight guy, he doesn’t have any trouble staying on top of me.


Weighing Love Weightless Book 1

#ad - We work at a world-class wellness center, and it’s not a promotion he’s sizing me up for. Readers can expect a spicy MM romance with several steamy scenes. I’ve got deep pockets and want to make life easier for him, but Josh is fiercely independent. I’m putting together a plan to give Josh a workout in and out of the gym.

Training is easy, but falling for Josh isn’t. Burning calories in bed is fun, but real life is a different beast. If he insists on baring that weight alone, I’ll help him get in shape to carry it. With me behind Josh, our workout sessions are going long after hours. This is the first book in the Weightless series.

Weighing Love Weightless Book 1 #ad - Max can help me tone up, but I need more than a perfect body to make a relationship work. Josh:my new diet forbids two things: delicious food and a night with my boss. With a busy job, and it’s starting to show, I don’t have much time for working out, but my wealthy boss Max has me sweating. I want to shed some weight, and he wants to help.

Before we know it, we’re doing laps in the pool by day and hip thrusts in bed by night. He’s going through this journey under me, and if we have to pull some overtime, I’ll be with him every step of the way.


The Deep End Island Resort Book 2

#ad - Some of my teammates might be jealous, but as long as I’m here, Reid is my MVP. He’s got a tight end, and I’ve got it covered. This is the second book in the Island Resort series. When i get a handful of theo, it isn’t long before he’s filling more than my hands, and this quarterback knows his way around the field.

I’ll give him the vacation of a lifetime—if his teammates don’t get in the way. Pampering one hunky athlete? Yeah, I’m definitely qualified. I thought he was straight, but he’s making me curious when he tells me he’s bi. He’s slender, sassy, and he’s got my full attention. He thinks a guy like me doesn’t play for his team, so to speak, but he’s wrong.

The Deep End Island Resort Book 2 #ad - He’s the hero of his team, so they’re giving him the time of his life, and it’s my job to handle him. My spa offers pure relaxation, our rivalry with the other resort, if you don’t count the treasure hunt, and the occasional surprise adult toy someone finds. He’s not playing games, but he’s putting me on the bench.

Theo:the more reid rubs me down, the more tension builds up. The big game is over, and now it’s time to relax in style. Reid:the quarterback got the touchdown, but I got the rubdown.


Fixer Upper Fairview Single Dads Book 2

#ad - It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. But i can’t let just anyone into my life—I have a daughter to think about, and family always comes first. Readers can expect a spicy MM romance with several steamy scenes. It’s not just his house that needs a makeover—his love life is just begging to be touched up, and I’m putting in a bid.

He’s not a craftsman, but he wants to help with the work, so I’ll just have to guide his hands. As it turns out, this renovation isn’t the only thing he’s got in hand. Every time he’s around, I go weak in the knees. Luckily Kip is a fast learner. If ted can respect that, then I might let him put his hands on more than just my house.

Fixer Upper Fairview Single Dads Book 2 #ad - Ted may be the perfect guy for the job, but falling for him wasn’t in the contract. Ted:if this professor wants to get his hands dirty, I’ll help him roll up his sleeves. Kip’s full of passion, but he’s pouring it all into this old home. I’m restoring the entire house, but I can’t take my mind off his bedroom.

It needs a miracle restoration over the summer, and I know I’m the man for the job. Kip:rule one of hiring a handyman: don’t fall in love with him.


Perfect Fit Island Resort Book 1

#ad - It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. Getting my mind and body in order is my goal, and training with Nate is a great way to keep my head down—if only my head would stay down. Not even the outlandish gay adult studio next door can tear my eyes off Nate. Readers can expect a funny, spicy MM romance with several steamy scenes.

Between the pilates poses and intense cardio sessions, I can hardly focus on setting the record straight. This book has been republished under a new listing. Nate:his reputation says straight, but his hands say something else. Being a personal trainer for the wealthy, handsome Brooks isn’t quite what I’d expected.

Perfect Fit Island Resort Book 1 #ad - Luckily, i know all the private spots on this gorgeous island. Except i’m up to my neck in bawdy adult actors, and they just keep coming. My brothers and i want to buy land for our resort, but we’re up against a clothing-optional film studio and a sweet old lady with a taste for adult film stars. But most of all, i need to lie low from a scandal I didn’t earn.

Everyone’s vying for the same piece of property, but with Brooks spotting me, there’s no weight too heavy. We’re in paradise, and Brooks is my temptation. Brooks:he’s the limber one, but I’m feeling more hetero-flexible.