The Payback The Eliminator Series Book 2

Brett jacobs may have taken out a dozen of his men, but he’s not ready to throw in the towel just yet. All of which will culminate in jacobs and Mallette finally meeting face to face for the first time since Mallette ordered the hit on Jacobs’ family. Even while rich mallette is in prison, he’s still calling the shots.

He’s still got a few things up his sleeve for the former detective, one of which is another heinous act aimed to destroy what’s left of Jacobs’ soul. While jacobs battles more of mallette’s Maulers, he also learns the identity of the second man who was with Frazier when his family was killed. As he searches for the killer, he finds and takes in a dog named Gunner, who he starts training to be by his side throughout the ordeal.


The Reprisal The Eliminator Series Book 3

Fearful that the kids might end up like the rest of his family, Jacobs frantically searches the city to find them before they end up in the cemetery. Will jacobs find them before mallette’s men do the horrific act? Or will Jacobs get there too late and cause his pain and suffering to go to even lower proportions.

. With time growing short, and jacobs knowing that his enemy is willing to do the unthinkable, Jacobs enlists the help of unlikely allies in order to find them before it’s too late. Willing to do anything to get the former detective out of his life, and further drive him into a hole he can never recover from, Mallette orders the kidnapping of the kids of Jacobs’ brother.

Frustrated that his organization is crumbling while he’s in prison, Mallette starts getting desperate.

The Fallen The Eliminator Series Book 1

His world comes crashing down after an unspeakable tragedy, leaving Jacobs virtually despondent and wondering about his role in the unthinkable act. Jacobs soon realizes that in order to beat a low-life criminal organization like this, he has to fight fire with fire. After he finishes an undercover assignment, resulting in the arrest of a major crime boss, he’ll find out just how dirty the bad guys play.

Will he really throw his badge away and become a one man wrecking crew? Or will he try to get retribution within the confines of the law? One thing’s for certain, the men he’s going up against have severely underestimated the lengths that he’ll go to. Detective Brett Jacobs is a good cop. He’s honest, hardworking, and intent on bringing down a major criminal organization.

And he’ll stop at nothing in order to extract his revenge. But he's soon going to have his limits tested.

The Eliminator The Eliminator Series Book 4

As jacobs becomes more at ease with his nickname, and starts using his abilities to help others, he finds he is still not done with Mallette’s bunch. Roger alexander is not only Mallette’s new lawyer, but he’s also taking over his organization. But something isn’t right. He calls for a truce with jacobs, speaking to him at the cemetery, and offers up the rest of Mallette’s men for him on a silver platter.

Or at least what they used to be known as. Is alexander really just serving up the rest of Mallette’s men, or is he luring Jacobs into a trap to try and get rid of The Eliminator once and for all? Only this one comes with caveats. Lawrence wiggins, is found dead, Mallette’s lawyer, leading the imprisoned crime boss to getting a new attorney appointed from New York.

But in order to completely take over, and the rest of his men, he needs Mallette, eliminated.

The Betrayal The Eliminator Series Book 5

Standing in the crosshairs of a sniper, Jacobs is saved from certain death by a beautiful private investigator named Abbie Johnson. It's just another ordinary day for Brett Jacobs. But suddenly, his quiet morning is about to get thrown for a loop. As the two start getting to know each other, the coincidences and strange occurrences keep piling up, giving Jacobs room to believe that his new friend may not be what she claims she is.

Is abbie the woman that jacobs needs to finally move on and get rid of the hurt he's been carrying? Is she really interested in helping Jacobs in his fight against the criminal element? Or is she not the person she claims to be and is waiting for the right opportunity to twist the knife in Jacobs' back?

He's spending it in the cemetery with his family like usual.

The Comeback The Eliminator Series Book 6

With that in mind, some of the holdovers from Alexander's bunch are intent on impressing their new boss and put a hit out. It's up to jacobs to make sure that doesn't happen. While that's going on, Mallette finds himself with a new lawyer, one he didn't ask for. It seems that mallette is on the comeback and retaking control of his operation.

Barberio's butchers, a small-time gang with big-time aspirations, is looking to put a hurting on the pawn shop owner. This one, though, has better news for him than Alexander did. Franks finds himself in a bind and enlists the help of his friend, Brett Jacobs, to help alleviate the problem. Someone is taking a bullet.

But who? .

The Contract The Eliminator Series Book 7

Will jacobs and gunner make it out alive? Or will one of them succumb to the contract that was placed upon their heads? There are multiple teams of hitmen scouring the city streets for him, all looking for a chance at a big payday. He knows it has something to do with Mallette, but he keeps hearing the name of Harper.

Even gunner now has a contract out on him. It will all culminate in a final, bloody mess inside a warehouse. There’s a contract out on Brett Jacobs.

High Velocity The Silencer Series Book 8

It turns out to be an ambush, and only two of the three will escape uninjured. Will they find out who's responsible for the attack and bring them to their brand of justice? Or will the perpetrators slip out from under their fingers to cause more chaos and destruction? Recker and the team get drawn into the middle of it and start investigating to learn the identity of the mystery player.

Recker and haley get a tip about a high-level meeting of the new crew in an abandoned building, but all is not what it seems. Instead of a meeting, who's also there to investigate, they run into Malloy, and an otherwise empty building. There's a new criminal element in town and they state their arrival by knocking off a few of Vincent's men.


Close Range The Silencer Series Book 9

With work in the city at an all-time low, Recker is approached by a familiar face. It's back to where everything started for Recker when the CIA initially tried to terminate him. But what they hope is a short-term assignment turns into a much longer stay, and with Mia having problems of her own at home, Recker turns to old friends in order to help him accomplish his mission and get home faster.

After getting back from vacation, Recker finds himself with not much to do. Feeling like he can trust her and work for the agency again for one job, Recker agrees to do the assignment once all his conditions are met. With jones and haley on board, the teams heads off to London to find their target. Michelle lawson has a job for him in regards to an illegal arms dealer that has continuously given the CIA the slip.


Trigger Pull The Silencer Series Book 10

Recker is ambushed in an alley while trying to prevent a jewelry store heist, Haley has his car blown up in trying to track down the suspects, and Tyrell's relationship with Recker is found out, leaving him in a vulnerable position. Though they initially refuse in getting involved, their minds are changed when they start getting ambushed.

One that will be deadly. After getting back from london, Recker and the team are immediately swept up in Vincent and Nowak's feud again. The team learns it's all part of Nowak's plan to rid the city of all of them, leading them into an eventual final confrontation with her.

Lethal Force The Silencer Series Book 11

The scorpions take over the hospital, causing it to go on lockdown. Before it's too late. After one of the leaders of the Scorpions gets in a shootout with Haley, he is transported to a local hospital that Mia is working at. The tri-state scorpions have migrated from New Jersey and are looking to make the city their own.

Another menacing force has entered the city. After receiving a troublesome text message that indicates Mia is in some type of danger, Recker must find a way to get into the hospital and save her. Recker and the team have plans to stop them, but it will come at a cost.