Beyond the Silence

Bethany House Publishers - Gently, lillian tries to coax him out of his shell, hoping he'll one day feel safe enough to tell her the truth about what happened. Lillian encounters suspicious characters on their land and mysterious damage done to the farm. Powerhouse team pairs up for second novellillian porter has always wanted to fulfill her mother's dream of going west, so when she hears about a nanny position in Angels Camp, California, she defies her grandfather and takes a chance on a new future.

But she quickly wonders if she made the right choice. Goodman and jimmy be able to speak what they know in time to save Lillian from tragedy? Goodman, woody's long-time housekeeper, is decisively on Woody's side--but many in town stay far away from Lillian because of her association with the Colton family.

Beyond the Silence - Lillian's six-year-old charge, was there when his mother died, Jimmy, and he hasn't spoken a word since. This accusation doesn't match the man Lillian comes to know--and Mrs. But the colton olive farm is no longer a safe place. Will Mrs. There are rumors in town that her new employer, Woodward Colton, caused the death of his wife.

All Things Hidden

Bethany House Publishers - Tracie peterson and kimberley woodhouse team Up to Deliver a Stunning Depression-Era Drama Gwyn Hillerman loves being a nurse at her father's clinic on the beautiful Alaskan frontier. Hillerman's invitation to join his growing practice in the isolated Alaska Territory. Gwyn and jeremiah soon recognize a growing attraction to each other.

In an attempt to bury the past, Jeremiah accepts Dr. But family life has been rough ever since her mother left them, disdaining the uncivilized country and taking Gwyn's younger sister with her. In chicago, Dr. Jeremiah vaughan finds his life suddenly turned upside down when his medical license is stripped away after an affluent patient dies.

All Things Hidden - But when rumors of jeremiah's past begin to surface, they'll need more than love to face the threat of an uncertain future. In a snowball effect, his fiance breaks their engagement.

Out of the Ashes The Heart of Alaska Book #2

Bethany House Publishers - When jean-michel receives an unexpected invitation for them to visit Alaska and the Curry Hotel, it seems an opportunity for a change he needs. While his sister dreams of adventure, Jean-Michel is hoping to finally escape reminders of the horrors he faced in the war. Reunited now, have the years changed them too deeply to rediscover what they had? And when Jean-Michel's nightmares return with terrifying consequences, will faith be enough to heal what's been broken for so long?

Katherine and jean-michel once shared a deep love that was torn apart by forces beyond their control. First, though, she's agreed to accompany her grandmother on a final trip, but never expects to see a man from her past. After the death of their father, Collette and Jean-Michel Langelier are no longer tied to post-war France.

Out of the Ashes The Heart of Alaska Book #2 - Now she just wants to retreat to a quiet life, content to be alone. Katherine demarchis is a young widow who does not grieve the dangerous husband she was forced to marry.

In the Shadow of Denali The Heart of Alaska Book #1

Bethany House Publishers - His father's partner blames their guide for the death of his father, but Allan wants to find the truth for himself. He finds an unlikely ally in cassidy, and much more dangerous, they suddenly find that things are much less clear, and as the two begin to look into the mystery, than either could ever imagine.

While john will be expedition and wilderness exploration guide for the wealthy tourists, Cassidy has signed on as a cook's assistant. Ever since his father's death climbing Mt. McKinley. Mckinley, he's worked to earn enough money to make the trek to the Alaska territory himself. Both are busy as the hotel prepares to welcome the president of the United States on his way to drive in the golden spike to officially complete the railroad.

In the Shadow of Denali The Heart of Alaska Book #1 - Allan brennan travels to the Curry Hotel to be an apprentice of a seasoned Alaska mountain guide. Acclaimed writing team pair up again for Gripping Historical RomanceCassidy Ivanoff and her father, John, work at the new and prestigious Curry Hotel outside Mt.

In Places Hidden Golden Gate Secrets Book #1

Bethany House Publishers - On her way to san francisco to find her brother, caleb, Camriann Coulter meets Judith and Kenzie, who went missing three months ago, who both have their own mysteries to solve in the booming West Coast city. The women decide to help each other, including rooming together and working at Kenzie's cousin's chocolate factory.

Camri's search for her brother, an attorney, leads her deep into the political corruption of the city--and into the acquaintance of Patrick Murdock, a handsome Irishman who was saved from a false murder charge by Caleb. But as the stakes rise and threats loom, will Patrick be able to protect Camri from the dangers he knows lie in the hidden places of the city?

In Places Hidden Golden Gate Secrets Book #1 - Together, they move closer to the truth behind Caleb's disappearance. Patrick challenges all of Camri's privileged beliefs, but he knows more about what happened to her brother than anyone else.

In Dreams Forgotten Golden Gate Secrets Book #2

Bethany House Publishers - Judith gladstone came to san Francisco after her parents died to find her last living relative, an aunt she has never met. Caleb has promised to help judith find her aunt, but she can tell he thinks of her only as a friend, and she struggles to hide her feelings. When caleb traces judith's aunt to the wealthy Whitley family, Judith is reunited with her long-lost relatives.

Instead she has fallen head over heels in love with Caleb Coulter, her friend's brother. Someone does not want Judith in the picture, and they will do whatever it takes to get rid of her. The truths she learns about her past and her parents are shocking and overwhelming, however, and the more she gets to know her new family, the more danger she uncovers.

In Times Gone By Golden Gate Secrets Book #3

Bethany House Publishers - Does she dare trust him again? the sudden arrival of a hidden danger will expose the motivations of all involved, but it could cost Kenzie her life--as well as her heart. She's made new friends and has a good job in the office of her cousin's chocolate factory. Micah fisher, who insists on pursuing her despite her constant rejection.

Then the great 1906 Earthquake strikes the city, and everything changes. But arthur already broke her heart once. The only thorn in her side is Dr. But then her world is rocked again when her ex-fiancé appears, full of apologies and determined to win her back. After getting left at the altar, Kenzie Gifford flees to San Francisco to start her life over, determined never to love again.

In Times Gone By Golden Gate Secrets Book #3 - . The devastation all around her makes Kenzie reevaluate her outlook on life--and possibly even her feelings for Micah.

Under the Midnight Sun The Heart of Alaska Book #3

Bethany House Publishers - Tayler hale is ahead of her time as one of the first women naturalists. With his reputation at stake, will Thomas be able to protect Tayler from the danger that follows? It seems she must keep running, however, and in secret, her boss from Yellowstone arranges for a new job . She has always loved adventure and the great outdoors, and her remote job location also helps keep her away from the clutches of the man to whom she once made a foolish promise.

. Recent graduate thomas Smith has returned to the hotel and the people he considers family. In Alaska. The popular curry hotel continues to thrive in 1929 as more visitors come to Alaska and venture into the massive national park surrounding Denali. But when a woman naturalist comes to fill the open position and he must work with her, everything becomes complicated.

Under the Midnight Sun The Heart of Alaska Book #3 - The summer brings unexpected guests and trouble to Curry.

A Beauty Refined Sapphire Brides Book #2

Bethany House Publishers - But she may not be prepared for the unexpected danger as the deception begins to unravel. Phoebe is determined to stay in America, regardless of her father's plans. Tracie peterson delivers bestselling historical Fiction with Romance and AdventurePhoebe Von Bergen is excited to accompany her father when he travels from Germany to purchase sapphires in Montana.

And ian believes he knows the only path that will lead her to freedom. Meeting Ian has changed everything. Yet the more he gets to know her, the more he realizes that her family story is based on a lie--a lie she has no knowledge of. Little does she know that her father's plans--for the gemstones and his daughter--are not what they seem.

A Beauty Refined Sapphire Brides Book #2 - Ian harper, a lapidary working in Helena, finds the young woman staying at the Broadwater Hotel more than a little intriguing.

Cherished Mercy Heart of the Frontier Book #3

Bethany House Publishers - At the rogue river mission, adam, Mercy meets Eletta's brother-in-law, who has suffered a broken engagement. Unfortunately, most of the settlers would rather the tribes were removed from the land completely, one way or the other, and tensions are rising. She and adam must rely on their firm faith in God in order to make it out alive.

. Mercy has grown tired of oregon city and feels that she has a larger purpose in life, so when she learns that family friend Eletta Browning is pregnant, she travels south to the Rogue River Valley to help. The inspiring conclusion to tracie peterson's heart of the Frontier SeriesMercy Flanagan survived the Whitman Massacre as a child, and now her heart's cry is for peace between the native peoples and the white settlers inhabiting Oregon Territory.

Cherished Mercy Heart of the Frontier Book #3 - Mercy finds him attractive, but Adam seems determined to focus on ministering to the local tribes and keeps Mercy at arm's length. When tragedy strikes and tensions in the territory reach the boiling point, Mercy is pushed to the limit of her strength.

Beneath a Harvest Sky Desert Roses Book #3

Bethany House Publishers - Having already fled a tainted past, Rainy is alarmed when she becomes a suspect in an investigation of stolen Hopi Indian artifacts. When all evidence points in her direction, will the truth be revealed in time? The man she loves has been secretly asked to assist the law enforcement groups in finding the thief.

As a harvey tour guide, Rainy Gordon spends her days in the magnificent landscape of New Mexico.