7 Deadly Scenarios: A Military Futurist Explores the Changing Face of War in the 21st Century

Bantam #ad - As a military expert and consultant, Krepinevich must think the unthinkable based on the latest intelligence and geopolitical trends—and devise a response in the event our worst nightmares become reality. What if the worst that could happen actually happens? How will we respond? Are we prepared? These are the questions that Andrew F.

As riveting as a thriller, terrorist groups, 7 deadly scenarios reveals the forces—both overt and covert—that are in play; the real ambitions of world powers, and rogue states; and the actions and counteractions both our enemies and our allies can be expected to take—and what we must do to prepare before it’s too late.

7 Deadly Scenarios: A Military Futurist Explores the Changing Face of War in the 21st Century #ad - Major american cities are leveled by black-market nukes. Pakistan’s collapse leads to a hunt for its nuclear weapons. A global pandemic finds millions swarming across the U. S. Krepinevich asks—and answers—in this timely and often chilling book. Border. Used book in Good Condition. China’s growing civil unrest ignites a global showdown.


The 2020 Commission Report on the North Korean Nuclear Attacks Against the United States: A Speculative Novel

Mariner Books #ad - It is this hope, more than any other, that inspired The 2020 Commission Report. A brilliantly conceived page-turner. Eric schlosser, author of fast food nation and Command and Control “I couldn’t put the book down, reading most of it in the course of one increasingly intense evening. This is the final, authorized report of the government commission charged with investigating the calamity.

. The skies over the korean Peninsula on March 21, 2020, were clear and blue. So begins this sobering report on the findings of the Commission on the Nuclear Attacks against the United States, established by law by Congress and President Donald J. Did president trump and his advisers understand north korean views about nuclear weapons? did they appreciate the dangers of provoking the country’s ruler with social media posts and military exercises? Did the tragic milestones of that fateful month—North Korea's accidental shoot-down of Air Busan flight 411, the retaliatory strike by South Korea, and the tweet that triggered vastly more carnage—inevitably lead to war? Or did America’s leaders have the opportunity to avert the greatest calamity in the history of our nation? Answering these questions will not bring back the lives lost in March 2020

The 2020 Commission Report on the North Korean Nuclear Attacks Against the United States: A Speculative Novel #ad - It will not rebuild New York, Washington, or the other cities reduced to rubble. If fear of nuclear war is going to keep you up at night, at least it can be a page-turner. New scientistAmerica lost 1. 4 million citizens in the North Korean attacks of March 2020 An independent, bipartisan panel led by nuclear expert Jeffrey Lewis, investigating how the nuclear war began, the commission was charged with finding and reporting the relevant facts, and determining whether our government was adequately prepared for combating a nuclear adversary and safeguarding U.


Out of the Mountains: The Coming Age of the Urban Guerrilla

Oxford University Press #ad - But the face of global conflict is ever-changing. Ranging across the globe--from kingston to mogadishu to lagos to benghazi to Mumbai--he offers a unified theory of "competitive control" that explains how non-state armed groups such as drug cartels, and warlords draw their strength from local populations, street gangs, providing useful ideas for dealing with these groups and with diffuse social conflicts in general.

We will need to involve local people deeply to address problems that neither outsiders nor locals alone can solve, together with outsider knowledge from fields like urban planning, systems engineering, renewable energy, drawing on the insight only locals can bring, conflict resolution and mediation. This is a book about future conflicts and future cities, and about the challenges and opportunities that four powerful megatrends--population, coastal settlement, urbanization, and connectedness--are creating across the planet.

Out of the Mountains: The Coming Age of the Urban Guerrilla #ad - And it is about what cities, communities and businesses can do to prepare for a future in which all aspects of human society--including, conflict, but not limited to, crime and violence--are changing at an unprecedented pace. He suggests that cities, not stability, rather than countries, are the critical unit of analysis for future conflict and that resiliency, will be the key objective.

When americans think of modern warfare, what comes to mind is the US army skirmishing with terrorists and insurgents in the mountains of Afghanistan. Kilcullen argues that conflict is increasingly likely to occur in sprawling coastal cities, Africa, and in highly connected, in peri-urban slum settlements that are enveloping many regions of the Middle East, Latin America and Asia, electronically networked settings.

. This deeply researched and compellingly argued book provides an invaluable roadmap to a future that will increasingly be crowded, coastal, urban, connected--and dangerous.


Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War

Mariner Books #ad - Marine corps   Oxford university Press USA. The debut novel by two leading experts on the cutting edge of national security, Ghost Fleet has drawn praise as a new kind of technothriller while also becoming the new “must-read” for military leaders around the world. A novel that reads like science fiction but bristles with rich detail about how the next World War could be fought.

Vice“a modern-day successor to tomes such as The Hunt for Red October from the late Tom Clancy. Usa today  what will world war iii look like?  Ghost Fleet is a page-turning imagining of a war set in the not-too-distant future. But what makes the story even more notable is that every trend and technology in book—no matter how sci-fi it may seem—is real.

A wild book, a real page-turner. The economist  “ghost Fleet is a thrilling trip through a terrifyingly plausible tomorrow. Ghost fleet a novel of the Next World War. This is not just an excellent book, but an excellent book by those who know what they are talking about. Ultimately, victory will depend on who can best blend the lessons of the past with the weapons of the future.

Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War #ad - Navy captains battle through a modern-day pearl Harbor; fighter pilots duel with stealthy drones; teenage hackers fight in digital playgrounds; Silicon Valley billionaires mobilize for cyber-war; and a serial killer carries out her own vendetta. Weiss, writer of hbo’s game of thrones  “It’s exciting, but it’s terrifying at the same time.


When States Fail: Causes and Consequences

Princeton University Press #ad - Colletta, nelson Kasfir, Jeffrey Herbst, Michael T. It defines and categorizes strong, social, weak, and collapsed nation-states according to political, failing, and economic criteria. The book comprises fourteen essays by leading scholars and practitioners who help structure this disparate field of research, provide useful empirical descriptions, and offer policy recommendations.

Used book in Good Condition. The threat of terrorism has only heightened the problem posed by failed states. Klare, terrence lyons, Jens Meierhenrich, Markus Kostner, Daniel N. It is followed by two sets of chapters, the first on the nature and correlates of failure, the second on methods of preventing state failure and reconstructing those states that do fail.

When States Fail: Causes and Consequences #ad - Since 1990, more than 10 million people have been killed in the civil wars of failed states, and hundreds of millions more have been deprived of fundamental rights. Snodgrass, nicolas van de Walle, Jennifer A. Robert rotberg's substantial opening chapter sets out a theory and taxonomy of state failure. Economic jump-starting, the demobilizing of ex-combatants, elections, legal refurbishing, and civil society are among the many topics discussed.

Widner, and Ingo Wiederhofer. Oxford university Press USA. Ghost fleet a novel of the Next World War.


Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do About It

Ecco #ad - Ghost fleet a novel of the Next World War. Author of the #1 new york times bestseller Against All Enemies, former presidential advisor and counter-terrorism expert Richard A. Cyber war exposes a virulent threat to our nation’s security. Used book in Good Condition. Oxford university Press USA. Used book in Good Condition.

This is no x-files fantasy or conspiracy theory madness—this is real. Clarke sounds a timely and chilling warning about america’s vulnerability in a terrifying new international conflict—Cyber War! Every concerned American should read this startling and explosive book that offers an insider’s view of White House ‘Situation Room’ operations and carries the reader to the frontlines of our cyber defense.


The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age

Crown #ad - Used book in Good Condition. Oxford university Press USA. This was the culmination of a decade of escalating digital sabotage among the world’s powers, in which Americans became the collateral damage as China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia battled in cyberspace to undercut one another in daily just-short-of-war conflict.

The perfect weapon is the startling inside story of how the rise of cyberweapons transformed geopolitics like nothing since the invention of the atomic bomb. Cheap to acquire, dictators, easy to deny, and usable for a variety of malicious purposes—from crippling infrastructure to sowing discord and doubt—cyber is now the weapon of choice for democracies, and terrorists.

The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age #ad - . The government was often paralyzed, utilities, unable to threaten the use of cyberweapons because America was so vulnerable to crippling attacks on its own networks of banks, and government agencies. Moving from the white house situation room to the dens of chinese government hackers to the boardrooms of Silicon Valley, New York Times national security correspondent David Sanger—who broke the story of Olympic Games in his previous book—reveals a world coming face-to-face with the perils of technological revolution.

Two presidents—bush and obama—drew first blood with operation olympic games, and yet America proved remarkably unprepared when its own weapons were stolen from its arsenal and, during President Trump’s first year, which used malicious code to blow up Iran’s nuclear centrifuges, turned back on the US and its allies.

But to see the dnc hacks as trump-centric is to miss the bigger, and the joint chiefs of Staff, more important story: Within that same year, the Russians not only had broken into networks at the White House, the State Department, but had placed implants in American electrical and nuclear plants that could give them the power to switch off vast swaths of the country.

Used book in Good Condition.


Understanding Global Security

Routledge #ad - Biographical boxes’ of key individuals who have shaped security politics. This highly acclaimed and popular academic text will continue to be essential reading for everyone interested in security. Used book in Good Condition. Routledge. Fully revised to incorporate recent developments, this third edition of Understanding Global Security analyses the variety of ways in which people's lives are threatened and/or secured in contemporary global politics.

Boxed descriptions elaborating key concepts in the fields of security and International Relations. Used book in Good Condition. Oxford university Press USA. Glossary of political terminology. New to this edition: greater coverage of the evolving theoretical literature on security, including more analysis of critical theory perspectives and emerging schools of thought.

Understanding Global Security #ad - A revamp of the sections examining the causes of inter-state war and counter-terrorism strategies. Analysis of key recent developments including the global economic recession, Haiti earthquake of 2010 and Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011. New quantitative analysis of the impact of global crime and environmental change.

Greater evaluation of the divergences in how human security is interpreted and the future prospects for this way of thinking and acting in international relations. Key features include: ‘top ten’ tables highlighting the most destructive events or forms of death in that areas throughout history.


The Little Book of Economics: How the Economy Works in the Real World

Wiley #ad - But economics, with its weird technical jargon and knotty concepts and formulas can be a very difficult subject to get to grips with on your own. Used book in Good Condition. Wiley. From inflation to the federal reserve, especially the role played by excessive greed and risk-taking, the roots of the euro crisis, and what can be done to avoid another economic cataclysm Digs into globalization, the sources of China's spectacular growth, you get indispensible insights into everything that really matters about economics and its impact on everyday life Special sections featuring additional resources of every subject discussed and where to find additional information to help you learn more about an issue and keep track of ongoing developments Offers priceless insights into the roots of America's economic crisis and its aftermath, taxes to the budget deficit, and why the gap between the economy's winners and losers keeps widening Oxford university Press USA.

Short on technical jargon and long on clear, concise, events, historical figures and major players, plain-English explanations of important terms, this revised and updated edition of Greg's bestselling guide clues you in on what's really going on, concepts, what it means to you and what we should be demanding our policymakers do about the economy going forward.

The Little Book of Economics: How the Economy Works in the Real World #ad - Enter greg ip and his Little Book of Economics. An accessible, thoroughly engaging look at how the economy really works and its role in your everyday life Not surprisingly, regular people suddenly are paying a lot closer attention to the economy than ever before. Like a patient, greg, good-natured tutor, one of today's most respected economics journalists, walks you through everything you need to know about how the economy works.

Ghost fleet a novel of the Next World War. Routledge.


Once an Eagle

Harper Perennial Modern Classics #ad - Ghost fleet a novel of the Next World War. Damon is a professional who puts duty, honor, and the men he commands above self-interest. Once an eagle is simply the best work of fiction on leadership in print. General Martin E. Harper Perennial Modern Classics. Used book in Good Condition. Oxford university Press USA.

Routledge. Wiley. Massengale, however, brilliantly advances by making the right connections behind the lines and in Washington's corridors of power. Dempsey, and his adversary over a lifetime, once an eagle is the story of one special man, a soldier named Sam Damon, 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of StaffRequired reading for West Point and Marine Corps cadets, fellow officer Courtney Massengale.

Once an Eagle #ad - Now reissued with a new foreword by acclaimed historian Carlo D'Este, here is an unforgettable story of a man who embodies the best in our nation—and in us all. Used book in Good Condition. Beginning in the french countryside during the great war, the conflict between these adversaries solidifies in the isolated garrison life marking peacetime, intensifies in the deadly Pacific jungles of World War II, and reaches its treacherous conclusion in the last major battleground of the Cold War—Vietnam.


Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World

Portfolio #ad - General mcchrystal led a hierarchical, highly disci­plined machine of thousands of men and women. When general stanley mcchrystal took command of the Joint Special Operations Task Force in 2004, he quickly realized that conventional military tactics were failing. The allied forces had a huge advantage in numbers, equipment, and training—but none of that seemed to matter.

Teaching a leviathan to improvise it’s no secret that in any field, small teams have many ad­vantages—they can respond quickly, communicate freely, and make decisions without layers of bureaucracy. Used book in Good Condition. But to defeat al qaeda in iraq, his Task Force would have to acquire the enemy’s speed and flexibility.

Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World #ad - They need management practices that can scale to thousands of people. What if you could combine the agility, adaptability, and cohesion of a small team with the power and resources of a giant organization? THE OLD RULES NO LONGER APPLY. As the authors argue through compelling examples, the team of teams strategy has worked everywhere from hospital emergency rooms to NASA.

. Portfolio. It has the potential to transform organizations large and small. Routledge.